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The Nighttime Formula - with 2% melatonin...a deep, deep "beauty sleep" for your face! Some of my clients use Wondrous Skin PM as a sleep aid.

Melatonin is a hormone with many vital influences on health, including its skin-rejuvenating properties. It is made by the pineal gland at night in the presence of darkness. Published scientific studies have indicated that melatonin applied topically may well afford the skin all of the many health benefits associated with healthy sleep. As we age, melatonin production at night slows down, causing insomnia and the disruption inadequate sleep - hence, bags under the eyes and that haggard, dull complexion.

In a paper published in the medical journal ENDOCRINE - "On the Role of Melatonin in Skin Physiology and Pathology," the authors conclude: "Therefore, we propose that melatonin (synthesized locally or delivered topically) could counteract or buffer external (environmental) or internal stresses to preserve the biological integrity of the organ and to maintain its homeostasis. Furthermore, melatonin could have a role in protection against solar radiation or even in the management of skin diseases."

Another paper published in the journal DERMATOLOGY -"Suppression of UV-lnduced Erythema by Topical Treatment with Melatonin (N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytryptamine) '  was addressing the effects of melatonin topically applied to the skin and its effects on burn from exposure to UV-rays. The authors conclude: " Topically applied melatonin has a clear-cut protective effect against UV-induced erythema. Free radical scavenging of UV-generated hydroxyl radicals and interference with the arachidonic acid metabolism are possible mechanisms of the melatonin action."


Wondrous Skin is our most popular skin cream, boasting a nutrient content that is unrivaled among premium skin-care products. It’s food for your skin. Our skin-care products contain only the best ingredients from the roots of the earth; therapeutic & essential oils, herbs, flowers, berries, leaves & roots, all with a very specific purpose for your skin. Each high-quality ingredient contributes to this nourishing and healing cream that extends well beyond a simple cosmetic product. 

With over 14 organic botanical ingredients and 18 powerhouse oils, this unique formula, super rich in nutrients, feeds and nourishes your skin like no other.

You will love the soothing feel as the scent of lemongrass passes over you, while your skin becomes ultra-hydrated. Unlike most skin creams, Wondrous Skin does not contain any water, which is commonly used as a filler, can contain harmful bacteria, and actually dehydrates skin. 

All Wondrous Roots' skincare products are hand-made in small batches in our New Hampshire botanical apothecary with the highest of quality and personal care.  We do not use any synthetic chemicals or preservatives, and all ingredients are noncomedogenic, they will not clog pores.  

We source only the highest quality ingredients from trusted botanical and organic certified suppliers.

Feed your skin with Wondrous Skin PM botanical skin cream.


Therapeutic Oils: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Tamanu oil, Hazelnut Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Castor Oil and Meadow Seed Oil.

Herbs, Flowers, Berries, Leaves & Roots: Shepard’s Purse Herb, Skullcap Herb, Chamomile Flower, Peppermint Leaf, Red Rose Buds & Petals, Schisandra Berries, Lemon Balm Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Cleavers Herb, Calendula Flower, Periwinkle Herb, Red Root, Green Rooibos, Gunpowder Green Tea, Slippery Elm Bark, Jasmine Flower, St. John’s Wort, Parsley Leaf, Burdock Root, Yarrow Flower, Lavender Flower, Sage Leaf, Passionflower, Watercress Herb, and Cilantro Leaf.

Essential Oils: Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Lavender Provence, Carrot Seed, Parsley, Lemongrass Extract, Vanilla Extract.

Hormone: Melatonin 2%

Preservative, Antibacterial & Creamy Texture: Citrus Seed Extract, Vitamin E Oil, White Beeswax, Plant Derived Emulsifying Wax.


Apply small amount to palms of hands and massage into clean face and neck before bed. Each ml in this 50-ml jar contains 1 mg of melatonin. The nightly dose of an oral melatonin supplement is anywhere from 1-10 mg, usually around 3 mg. So if you use a 3/4 tsp application of "Wondrous Skin PM" the melatonin content will be around 2-3 mg. The melatonin will first "hit" your skin, which is the point; internally taken or produced melatonin has a difficult time reaching the epidermal layers to effect real change when it comes to anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. BUT. It doesn't end there, some of this melatonin will be absorbed into your system, along with its other health benefits. This is why the treatment is not recommended for the daytime, when melatonin levels are naturally low.


Are the same as for any form of melatonin supplementation and are: If you are under medical supervision or using any tranquilizers or sedatives, seek the advice of your healthcare professional prior to using. Consult your physician before using if you have an autoimmune condition, depressive disorder or are pregnant or lactating. Not for use by children under 12 years of age.

Keep out of reach of children! Again, each jar contains 50 mg of melatonin, AND it smells good enough to eat. It is very important that a child not smear this all over him or herself OR ingest it. So please, keep this in a location that is not accessible to any children in your house, hotel room, and if you have small children or grandchildren, don't carry it in your purse.

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