Digging Deeper into Wondrous Roots


Empowering clients to take control of their health and
healing through holistic medicine, nutritional
counseling, and botanical products.





We are a holistic health company that provides nutritional health counseling and a wide range of botanical products. Wondrous Roots employs the modalities of diet, lifestyle management, nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones, and botanicals to help bring healing and optimize health.




Welcome to the Wondrous Roots Botanical Apothecary, we are so grateful to have you joining us on our journey!  If this is your first experience with us, we’d like to share a brief history of our brand with you. Wondrous Roots was founded and is led by certified holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, and traditional apothecary/herbalist Rebecca Roentsch Montrone. Apprenticed at “the knee” of her father, the late and legendary compounding pharmacist E. George Roentsch, Rebecca carries on her family’s multi-generational mortar & pestle tradition using the medicines of the earth. Rebecca has researched and developed all botanical products, each having a solid and established customer base.


The need for holistic support has kept Rebecca’s practice thriving. Wondrous Roots continues to help people in overcoming a myriad of ailments through holistic nutritional counseling that is supported by over 200 hand crafted botanical products being offered in our New England storefront.  After 16 years, we’ve decided to expand our brand to make our products more widely available.  We’ve been helping our local and surrounding communities for so long, it’s time for us to branch out, allowing us to help more people! We want to empower you with knowledge, life-long health solutions, and products that are of the Earth; pure, effective, and safe.


Wondrous Roots handcrafts each product in small batches here in Keene, New Hampshire. Every step of our process, down to the turn of the beater for our creams and lotions, is done with the utmost care, using only the highest quality ingredients.  Our botanicals and oils are carefully sourced from suppliers with the highest standards of growing and sourcing.  Due to our small batch process, no two products are exactly the same, it’s like having a custom-made product just for you.  You may see a slight variation in color or consistency due to the season or supplier.  Unlike big box store brands who make thousands of gallons of a product at once, we make a few gallons at a time.  This difference ensures the product we are giving you is of the highest quality and potency. 


Wondrous Roots uses only the purest, nourishing oils and organic botanical ingredients. Even the preservatives in our lotions and creams are natural. We also keep water out of our products, as water breeds bacteria and dries the skin upon evaporating. Everything is made of the Earth for you; pure, powerful, and effective. 


We believe you will have great results with our skincare products.  However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee. Your health and satisfaction is our number one priority.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our welcome letter! We invite you to reach out to us via the “Contact Us” page and we would love to hear from you through email, online conference, or phone call.


Best to your health & knowledge,


Rebecca Montrone, Founder & President  &  Dale Montrone, Business Development