Should Water Be in Your Skincare Products?

Water is a common ingredient in skincare products. Although it's a natural ingredient that's widely used, that doesn't mean it's advisable to purchase water-based skincare products. Here are a few reasons why it's better to use natural beauty products that don't contain water.

What You Should Know About Water in Skincare Products

Why Do Manufacturers Include Water as an Ingredient?

Many people assume that water is included in moisturizing products to hydrate the skin. However, water is not the best hydration source for your skin -- this liquid evaporates very quickly and can dry up your skin's natural oils, as well. Instead of being left with smooth, hydrated skin, you end up with dry spots and cracked areas because of insufficient moisture.

Further, it's worth noting that when manufacturers include water in skincare products, it often accounts for the majority of the formula. In fact, up to 95 percent of some skincare products are made of water. This means that you could be paying a premium for lotions and creams that cost very little to make and don't truly hydrate your skin.

What Other Ingredients Are Often Included in Water-Based Products?

Formulas that contain water also have to include preservatives, which can be health risks. Common preservatives

include DMDM Hydantoin along with parabens. DMDM Hydantoin releases a very small amount of formaldehyde in beauty products to prevent them from spoiling. Some risks associated with this preservative include allergic reactions from contact dermatitis, hair loss, and lung irritation.

Parabens are also risky since they can simulate the hormone estrogen in the body. In doing so, they can cause fertility issues in men, birth complications in women, and heightened cancer risks for both sexes.

What Alternatives Exist to Water-Based Products?

Plant-based skin products are a safer and effective alternative to water-based ones. These formulas tend to be more concentrated, which means you get all the positive effects of the natural ingredients included in each product. Natural beauty products revitalize the skin with safe oils and botanical ingredients. Instead of getting lotions or creams that are mostly made of water with a few useful ingredients, you get concentrated products that deliver superior results.

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